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c o l o r i n g eighty-seven

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PSD 36 by eclatps ✫

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Hi this is the psd 79 made by arescoloring! I hope you like the effect! Please don’t claim as your own and if you downloaded like or reblog. Enjoy!! xx


Hi guys, i’m so happy right now. I reached the 3k followers, it’s so amazing. I really, really can’t belive in that. Thank you for all you’ve done for me, without you I wouldn’t be able to get where I am today Well, thank you for all. I hope you enjoy this pack, because i do it with the all love from my heart. You can ajust some layers if necessary. I really hope you like or reblog in the post if you download, likes inspire me. Please, don’t redistribute or claim as your own, this is so very annoying to do. Click here if you want see more resources and if tou want make some request click here. I hope you enjoy. download

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six psds for gifs; 3 actions for you use in your edits; 78 previews; 


Coloring #59 made by alaskacolorings // {dl}

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  • PSD  made by forevericons. Please give like or reblog if you download. Hope you like!
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  • #PSD.39 by: pinkcoloring;

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COLORING NUMBER #024 MADE BY LEGGIRPS. Hi, like or reblog if you download, maybe, you will need to pack a few layers. Don't reposte this effect ever! For more resources click here ✌ (dl).